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Your donation is critical to CFSACK’s success in achieving its charitable mission.

Additional Information

Canadian Friends of Sufi Arts, Culture and Knowledge (CFSACK) is a federal not-for-profit organization with exclusively charitable purposes registered with the Canada Revenue Agency.


In conformance with CRA guidelines, Canadian Friends of Sufi Arts, Culture, and Knowledge cannot accept contributions that are earmarked or required to be distributed to the Musee d’Art et de Culture Soufis MTO or any other organization. The Directors of Canadian Friends of Sufi Arts, Culture, and Knowledge have complete discretion and control over the usage of any contributions received. 

Proposed gifts of tangible personal property and/or donations of a non-cash variety will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis in accordance with CFSACK policies and procedures in furtherance of its charitable purposes. Please contact us via our form for any questions in this regard.

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