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MTO Zendeh Delan® Ensemble
Journey of Love: Layla & Majnun

Vancouver & Toronto, Canada | April 2024

Relive the magic as this talented group of musicians brought to life "Journey of Love," a reimagined adaptation of Nizami's timeless saga, "Layla & Majnun." Immerse yourself in the enchanting melodies, spiritual depths, and captivating visuals of Sufi music, the transcendental art of sama, and poignant poetry.

Hosted by the Canadian Friends of Sufi Arts, Culture, and Knowledge, the Vancouver and Toronto programs transformed hearts and souls. This celebration of enduring love and the rich tapestry of Sufi culture merged spirituality and artistry, providing an unforgettable exploration of music, dhikr, and sama.

Look back on this profound "Journey of Love" with the Zendeh Delan Ensemble, where hearts were drawn to the Beloved, and souls were illuminated with deeper knowledge. The exclusive fundraising opening nights in both Vancouver and Toronto also provided an opportunity for guests to engage directly with the ensemble during a Q&A panel moderated by Husein Madhavji. Participants learned more about the group's artistry and spiritual journey while also supporting the Canadian Friends of Sufi Arts, Culture, and Knowledge.

Zendeh Delan, translating to "awakened hearts," is guided by Professor Nader Angha, the Sufi Master of MTO Shahmaghsoudi School of Islamic Sufism®. Their diverse repertoire beautifully merges traditional Sufi melodies, Persian musical modes, and global influences. Their music draws from Sufi poetry penned by the Masters of MTO®, weaving a rich tapestry of wisdom and love. Their practice of sama under Professor Angha's guidance is a transformative experience that brings listeners in harmony with the Divine, resulting in spiritual awakening and pure joy.



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